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5 most addictive drugsDrug use in America is on the rise. The most significant problem for America in the 21st Century is the overwhelming abuse of legal and illegal drugs. These 5 most addictive drugs are a cause for great concern.

Rehabilitation centers and organizations like Narconon and The American Psychiatric Association agree that these 5 most addictive drugs are the most used and the most dangerous in the 21st Century.

The 5 Most Addictive Drugs in America

1. Tobacco

Tobacco in any form is proved to cause nearly 500,000 deaths per year. These figures include people who use no tobacco but consistently breathe second-hand smoke.

2. Alcohol

Over 80,000 deaths occur from alcohol or secondary effects of chronic alcohol use, including accidental poisoning of alcohol.

3. Prescription Pain Killers (hydrocodone, and oxycodone)

These two drugs were found to kill more people than any other drugs listed as the 5 most addictive drugs in America. In the last few years; surveys showed that America consumed 99 percent of the worlds’ supply of legally prescribed hydrocodone and 80 percent of the worlds’ supply of oxycodone.

4. Cocaine (Powder, Rock Cocaine, free base)

At least 3,000 people try cocaine for the first time every year. Out of all illegal drug deaths reported, cocaine was the top drug causing these deaths. Cocaine addiction rates high for students in the 9th grade through the 12th grade who have tried cocaine at least once. Deaths continually rise each year due to a cocaine overdose.

5. Heroin

Heroin users and deaths due to overdoses aged 12-years and older continue to rise every year in staggering numbers. Heroin use among the older populace of middle-class white persons is climbing and found due primarily to over use of prescriptions for opioid pain killers. Heroin is cheaper to buy than prescription opioids.

America’s War on Drugs

Organizations tracking the 5 most addictive drugs in America report no improvement over prior years. The current 2017 government realizes that the focus needs to be on treatment for addiction versus punishment. A policy shift is taking place in the present administration with a focus on more treatment options going ahead.

On August 3, 2017, Fox News Alert stated that Attorney General Sessions would institute a new plan strictly monitoring doctors and the opioid prescriptions they write for patients. General Sessions plans on setting up new guidelines for how doctors can prescribe legal narcotics.

Why People Fall into Drug Addiction

There are many reasons why people fall into drugs such as stress and the ability to feel relaxed. Social acceptance, low self-esteem, falling in with the wrong crowd, a different kind of fun, curiosity, and peer pressure goes hand in hand for all ages.

Some people prefer self-medication for undiagnosed conditions like depression and anxiety issues.
Many people believe misinformation or have no information on drugs and their side effects and just decide to try drugs. Too few parents warn their children about drugs and the side effects.

Call to Action

Some individuals feel that they can quit their drug use at any time if they so choose. However, these same people soon find their life controlled by their decision to keep using their preferred drug until the time comes that this individual realizes they must seek professional help to quit because the drug has such a control over their life.

Realization hits this person that they want to be free of drugs and the side effects tearing their lives apart.

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